Moths Control

Moths are considered pests because many species have destructive tendencies primarily during the larval stage. They can be found in homes and buildings and their larvae eat various kinds of food, some even devour natural fabrics such as silk or wool.

Stored product insects are Insects which infest stored foods and are one of the most common household pest problems. They are often referred to as "pantry pests" as they infest stored dried foods.

Probably the most common sign that moths have set up shop in your home are holes in clothing. Moths lay eggs and their larvae devour some natural fabrics. Moths eat silk and wool as well as leather and feathers.

Stored product pests are most likely to infest products that have been opened but are also capable of penetrating unopened packaging. They may chew their way into packages or crawl in through folds and seams. Insects within an infested package begin multiplying and can spread to other stored foods not only in the same area but in other rooms in a home.

A Best Pest Control technician will consult with you about the problem and perform an inspection of the property to determine what the moths are eating and where they are coming from. We will search all of the closets and the most likely areas of moth infestation. We search drawers, wardrobes and other areas where clothing and fabrics are that make a favorite meal for moth larvae. They will also discuss a treatment plan that might involve fumigation if the infestation is severe. A number of non-chemical treatment methods such as vacuuming and proper storage of clothing and fabrics, are also available.

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